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What is Social Compliance?
Social compliance is a continuing process in which organizations endeavor to protect the health, safety, and rights of their employees, the community and environment in which they operate, and the lives and communities of workers in their supply and distribution chains. Social compliance and social responsibility may address concerns about labor rights for workers, fair labor laws, harvesting and the use of conflict minerals, and general environmental and sustainability questions.
Reign Lore Bags, Luggage, Travel Duffle Bag, Wallets, & Accessories

REIGN's Commitment to Our Communities

Reign works to ensure that our partners, employees, and supply chain reflect our esteemed values as a company. Reign expects its suppliers to treat their workers fairly, to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment and to protect environmental quality.

Through our Social Governance Program (SGP) and agreements with suppliers, Reign targets to prevent child labor, forced labor and human trafficking in addition to ensuring compliance with all local laws.

Reign works with third parties to conduct unannounced, on-site audits of suppliers. Reign encourages open communication with its factory representatives and employees on environmental, health, safety and social issues and maintains accountability standards to address and correct instances on non-compliance.

Want To Help Us Make A Difference?

We would love to hear new ideas on how we can improve our commitment to local communities, employees, partners, and mother Earth. If you would like to leave a suggestion or partner with Reign on Social Compliance efforts please contact us below using the contact form.

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